People make mistakes. In several instances, these lapses in judgment can follow you, hindering your ability to move forward with your life. Whether you were arrested (wrongfully) or have completed your punishment for a crime you committed in your past, the burden of a criminal record can be significant. This is why firms like ours offer identity cleanup. This process involves expungement or sealing of qualifying criminal records, removing your mugshot from certain websites, and even letters to potential employers helping explain the disposition of any prior criminal case. After an identity cleanup, you may feel empowered to rebuild your life with a slate that has been wiped clean. 

Understanding Identity Cleanup

Identity cleanups can be viewed as a transformative process designed to eliminate or seal criminal records, mug shots, and other remnants of a past mistake. These are the types of things that a potential employer could see. At Puglisi Caramés, we want to help you continue with the progress you have made. Identity cleanup allows people to evaluate you for who you are rather than who you were.

  • Expunging your record is a legal procedure that leads to the elimination of a criminal record. When your record is successfully expunged, it becomes inaccessible to the public, which could apply to employers, lenders, and landlords. Only certain records can be expunged. For example, an arrest made contrary to law or made by mistake may be expunged.
  • Sealing a record is not the same as expunging it. Sealing a record does not erase the record in its entirety. However, it does hide it from view. Although it still exists, someone can only access it under certain circumstances. 
  • Mug shots capture people at their worst moments, which is not how you want people to see you. Mugshot removal is a process that involves contacting websites that are hosting your mugshot and requesting that they remove it. We aim to minimize your mug shot’s impact on your reputation and the life you are trying to rebuild. 
  • Some states offer a Certificate of Rehabilitation. Essentially, it is a court order that declares that a person of a crime has been rehabilitated. Whereas it does not erase your crime like expunging, it could help people apply for jobs or obtain a professional license. Florida has what is referred to as a “gold seal letter.” It is from the Clemency Office, which says your rights have been fully restored. 

The Advantages 

Many of them have already been alluded to in the section above. One of the first things people try to do to rebuild their life is to obtain steady employment. Employers will frequently conduct background checks, and having a criminal record can be a major obstacle to getting a job. Identity clean-up merely opens up new opportunities for you and levels the playing field between you and the other applicants. 

Secondly, if you ever want to purchase a home or borrow money from an established lender, they, too, will look at your criminal history. This is in addition to your credit score, which could very well be strong. With an identity cleanup, you can increase your chances of getting approved for the loan you need to buy a home for your family, for instance. Even people who prefer to rent will likely have their background checked by their future landlord to learn more about who will be living on their property. Suitable housing is one step to re-establishing your life, especially if you have children. 

Reshape Your Future 

Identity cleanup is a powerful tool to enhance your ability to get a job, a place to live, and rebuild your reputation. By erasing or sealing your criminal records and mugshots, you are creating an avenue to rebuild your life. Take charge of your future today by scheduling a free consultation with us. We want to support you in and out of the courtroom.