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Attorney Puglisi in the News

Sabrina Puglisi is the new President of the Miami-Dade Bar (MDB)

Sabrina Puglisi is now the 2021-2022 president of the Miami-Dade Bar. She is the first female criminal defense lawyer to lead the organization, and she is the first woman of color to serve as president.

Puglisi Leads the Miami-Dade Bar Association

Meet the New President of the Miami-Dade Bar: Sabrina Puglisi

Immigration Scam Played on Unsuspecting Workers

Attorneys Sabrina Puglisi and Dianne Carames represent a worker who paid cash for “order of supervision” papers to a man who fraudulently represented himself as an immigration officer. 

Miami Herald: Workers paid cash to ‘immigration officer’ to get papers — but he wasn’t legit.

Swindled Workers Are Incarcerated

Attorney Sabrina Puglisi represents a person who attempted to purchase a driver’s license from someone who pretended to be an immigration agent. 

Univision: Acusan a un hombre de vender licencias de conducción a indocumentados y ahora ellos también están en problemas.

Attorney Puglisi Running for DCBA Treasurer

Attorney Sabrina Puglisi is running for treasurer of the Dade County Bar Association. See a list of endorsements for Attorney Puglisi. UPDATE MAY 2018: Attorney Sabrina Puglisi was elected Treasurer of the Dade County Bar Association (DCBA).

Court Ruling to Affect Thousands Sentenced to Enhanced Penalties

On Friday, July 22, 2016, Sabrina Puglisi’s client David Hom was released from prison after serving over four years imprisonment. He was originally sentenced to 220 months. As a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Johnson v. United States, the burglaries that were used as priors to enhance Mr. Hom’s sentence no longer qualify as “crimes of violence”. His sentence was reduced down to 37 months imprisonment. The Johnson case has the ability to affect thousands of people sentenced to enhanced penalties.

Check out this article in the Daily Business Review “US Supreme Court Takes on Shotgun Sentencing Appeal“.

Attorney Puglisi Defends South Florida Trainer Charged in Cuban Baseball Smuggling Ring

April 26, 2016
Miami Herald

A Miami baseball trainer has been charged with a previously indicted agent in what prosecutors claim was a get-rich scheme to smuggle top Cuban talent from Cuba through Mexico to the United States by lying to the federal government about the players’ residency and immigration status.

“Julio Estrada has never encouraged anyone to enter the United States illegally,” his defense attorney, Sabrina Puglisi, said on Tuesday. “He has always taken care of his players, training them so they could achieve their dream of playing Major League Baseball in the United States.”

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Major Changes in the Federal Fraud Guidelines Create Greater Opportunities for Defendants at Sentencing

On November 1, 2015, the United States Sentencing Commission approved a change in the fraud guidelines pursuant to section 2B1.1. These changes have increased the opportunities for defendants to get lesser sentences. Specifically, the loss amounts have been reduced as well as the definition of “intended loss” revised; the definition of “sophisticated means” has been amended to apply to a defendant’s individual conduct rather than the overall scheme, and the calculation for victims has been amended to incorporate “substantial financial hardship” as a sentencing enhancement factor.

Call attorney Sabrina Puglisi to discuss this development.

Significant Sentence Variance Awarded in High Profile Drug Theft

February 12, 2015
FBI New Haven Division – Press Release

Attorney Sabrina Puglisi earned her client a sentence of 12 months imprisonment, a variance down from the guideline range of 57-71 months imprisonment for one of the largest cargo thefts in the history of the United States.

A Miami criminal defense lawyer, Sabrina Puglisi continually gets top results for her clients.

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Cubans Convicted in the U.S. Face New Fears of Deportation

January 18, 2015
New York Times

As President Obama re-establishes diplomatic ties with Cuba after more than five decades, one priority for the administration is persuading Cuba to take back Cuban citizens who have been ordered deported.

Sabrina Puglisi, a Miami criminal defense lawyer, cautioned noncitizen clients that pleading guilty (in criminal cases) could get them deported. “Cubans never think anything of it,” she said. Now, “I think people will be more concerned about it, definitely.”

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Attorney Puglisi Wins Sentence Reduction in High Profile Case

December 18, 2014

Debra Villegas, 47, was granted a reduction to her 10-year prison sentence by U.S. District Judge William Zloch. He changed the sentence to 48 months. With time off for good behavior, most inmates serve about 85 percent of their sentences, said Villegas’ lawyer, Sabrina Puglisi.

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Federal Drug Trafficking Offenders Could Be Eligible for Reduced Sentences

On July 14, 2014, the United States Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to apply a reduction in the sentencing guideline levels applicable to most federal drug trafficking offenders retroactively, meaning that many offenders currently in prison could be eligible for reduced sentences beginning November 2015. This reduction will affect approximately 46,000 individuals currently serving a drug sentence and will give an average reduction of about 25 months, give or take the original sentence. If Congress approves the amendment, beginning on November 1, 2014, Courts will start hearing motions to reduce sentence.

UPDATE: As of November 1, 2014, the United States Sentencing Commission and Congress approved a two-level sentence reduction in drug cases. This reductions will affect approximately 46,000 individuals currently serving a drug sentence and will give an average reduction of about 25 months from the original sentence.

Call attorney Sabrina Puglisi to see if you or your loved one qualifies for this reduction. Sabrina is dedicated to helping families reunite as quickly as possible.

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